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Keeping Your Team at the Forefront

At LCD Pharmacy, we prioritize assisting you in delivering optimal care for your patients. We understand the importance of keeping nursing staff up to date with the latest medications, treatments, and regulatory requirements. Continual education plays a vital role in ensuring they stay current and capable of meeting patient care and regulatory obligations. With this in mind, we provide an extensive array of educational opportunities for your nursing staff, available in both in-person and online formats. Moreover, many of these opportunities qualify for Continuing Education (CE) credits, further enhancing their professional development.

Our Array of Educational Programs

LCD provides a wide range of educational opportunities meticulously crafted to support the continuous growth of nursing staff, administrators, DONs, and other hospital personnel in their specific domains. These offerings are tailored to ensure participants remain up to date in their respective fields. Whether held in-person, on-site, or online, our programs encompass a diverse selection of options designed to meet the unique learning needs of individuals. Some of our program offerings include:

Educational Lunch or Dinner Programs:

Join us for informative sessions over Lunch or Dinner, where you and your team can stay updated on the latest medications, disease states, and treatments. These programs typically last 1-2 hours and can be held at your facility or at an off-site location, depending on your convenience.

Online Webinars:

Access continuing education credits from the comfort of your own home or office with our engaging webinars. Covering a wide range of topics, including new medications, disease states, and treatments, our webinars typically last 1-2 hours and offer flexibility in learning.

Comprehensive In-Person Seminars:

Delve deeper into your learning journey with our in-person seminars, available both at your facility and off-site. These comprehensive sessions, lasting from half a day to a full day, cover a broad range of topics, including new medications, disease states, treatments, and more.

IV Therapy Certification Classes:

Prepare for national IV Therapy Certification exams with our specialized classes. Led by certified IV therapy instructors, these classes cover all aspects of proper IV infusion administration, ensuring your nursing staff is well-prepared.

Skills Labs:

Enhance and refine the skills of your nursing staff in a controlled environment under the guidance of experienced supervisors. Our skills labs offer valuable hands-on practice opportunities for your team.

We are committed to equipping your team with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in their respective fields. Choose the educational programs that best suit your needs, and let us support your continuous learning and professional growth.

Pharmacist and Nurse Consultant In-service Programs

Enhancing the knowledge and skills of pharmacists and nurses is a top priority at LCD. We offer a comprehensive selection of 1-2 hour in-service courses. These courses cover a wide range of topics, including but not limited to:

Our education program reflects LCD’s commitment to enabling you to provide the best possible care for your patients and residents. By participating in these in-service courses, you are taking proactive steps towards enhancing your expertise and staying current in your field. Partner with LCD and benefit from our comprehensive educational offerings.